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House Rules

A Few Guidelines

Recovery and healing can be a lifelong process, and we want all our residents to know that they can always count on Unity House LLC in times of need. In order to keep the peace and empower women to be their greatest selves, there are several guidelines that everyone must adhere to. Please read them carefully before applying for admission, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Three Women

Unity House Contract

Image by Arisa Chattasa
Image by Romain Dancre

Listed below are a few basic rules we expect women to follow when living at a Unity House. These will be expanded upon when admitted. 


Remain Sober

While in Unity House, you are expected to live a life free from any mood or mind altering chemical. 


Establish Identity

The ultimate goal in being a Unity Sister is to actualize into the woman you were always meant to be, a new person discovered and established during your sobriety. 


Attend Meetings

Attendance in 12-Step Meetings is mandatory. 



Engage in meaningful relationships with the women of your house and the fellows of your recovery community. 

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